Nutrient Management Regulation Changes

Changes Made to Nutrient Management Regulations to Reduce Regulatory Burden

Effective July 1, several changes were made to O. Reg 267/03 that will reduce the regulatory burden for agricultural operations.  One of the most significant changes for livestock farmers is the removal of the automatic five-year expiration of nutrient management strategies. An annual review and written statement of the review and any updates to the strategy must be completed by February 15 of each year.

Nutrient management plans are not affected by this change and a new one will need to be prepared every 5 years.

Other changes to the Regulation include:

  • Increased flexibility to deal with nutrients from non-farm grazing animals that are kept on facilities other than farms, such as game farms
  • Clarification of the definition of commercial fertilizer and nutrients

For details of the changes, go to:

The complete version of the Nutrient Management Act and associated regulations can be found at:

Reviewed 07/03/2019


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