Broker Certificate Holders

Broker Certificate Holders

A Broker Certificate is required by persons that act as a broker in a transaction described by section 106 (1.1) of O. Reg. 267/03.

The following individuals have received a Broker Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Bright Emerson Roth Stoneridge Custom Farms Ltd. 519-535-3432
Area surrounding home location Newburgh Ethan Embury Hill View Farms Ltd 613-650-7744
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Midhurst Eric Wright Wrico Agri 705-896-6075
Area surrounding home location Lyn Sebastiaan Biemond Safehaven Farms 613-803-9744
Eastern Ontario Frankville George Adam Hope Hope Custom Farming 613-314-5077
All of Ontario Beachville Garth Banbury Waste-mag 519-272-4480
All of Ontario Springbrook Daniel Vinnicombe 613-661-8113
Area surrounding home location Listowel Joost van der Heiden 519-291-2507
Area surrounding home location Cargill Herman Vinckx 519-366-1615
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Cargill Dylan Vinckx 519-881-8957
Eastern Ontario St. Eugene Charles St-Denis Environnement viridis inc 613-551-7291
All of Ontario Mitchell Steven Gloor Ontario Greenways INC 519-301-4064
Southwest Ontario Woodstock David Ysselstein 226-228-6634
Niagara Caledonia Richard Veld GFL Environmental 905-961-2859
All of Ontario Ancaster Hank VanVeen Wessuc Inc 905-304-9601
Southwest Ontario BELLE RIVER Amy Green Keystone Groundworks 519-965-5296
Ottawa and Countryside Brinston Matt Radley Third High Farms 613-229-9026
Southwest Ontario Rockwood Mark Janiec GFL Environmental 905-544-0444
Eastern Ontario Mountain Lynnette Klein Boonschate Kleins Agri Services Ltd 613-805-2199
Niagara Dunnville Henry Van Iperen GFL Environmental 905-818-7772
Northeastern Ontario Stirling Luke Skinkle B.A.C. Group Inc 613-921-3666
Southwest Ontario Gowanstown Greg Schinbein S&S Trucking Liquid Disposal Ltd. 519-291-2134
All of Ontario Alma Ron Bults Pit King Ltd 519-572-4488
Southwest Ontario Springfield Constance Camilleri 2713612 Ontario Inc 519-765-4535
South Eastern Ontario Tamworth Blake Evans GFL Environmental 613-536-8056
South Eastern Ontario Maxwell Jacob Renaud 613-223-3133
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Gowanstown Trevor Poot Poot Custom Farming INC 519-343-2982
Southwest Ontario Gadshill Timothy Gerber Hidden Creek Haulage 519-274-5494
Eastern Ontario Stirling Joshua Skinkle Skinkle Custom Manure Spreading INC 613-395-5936
All of Ontario Port Elgin Scott Boldt Organix Matters Inc. 519-389-3571
Niagara Fonthill Patrick Summers Summers Edge 905-328-6284
Area surrounding home location Verner Joel Olivier Field View Farm Inc 705-471-0741
Area surrounding home location Verner Daniel Olivier Ferme Longvallon Inc. 705-494-6600
Southwest Ontario Walkerton Dave Schumacher Pine Castle Farms 226-668-2335
Eastern Ontario St. Albert Mario Lamoureux Lamoureux Pumping Ltd 613-223-6349
Area surrounding home location Grand Valley Lloyd Brubacher Highland Custom Farming Inc
Area surrounding home location Hagersville Marinus (Mark) Vaarkamp Vaarkamp Custom Manure Inc. 905-981-2758
Area surrounding home location Burgessville James Koppert Ebenezer Farms 519-870-2506
Area surrounding home location ANCASTER Michael Jones Jones Ag Services Ltd 905-928-5030
Southwest Ontario Lucan Twan Peters Peters Custom Service 519-639-6703
Area surrounding home location Casselman Sabrina Pedherney Meyerhans Custom Farming 613-807-8051
Area surrounding home location Drayton Brent Martin Mar-Ridge Agri Ltd. 519-498-9861
Eastern Ontario Mountain Christiaan Klein Boonschate Kleins Agri Services Ltd 613-229-8654
Area surrounding home location GOWANSTOWN Lynford Bearinger Lynford Bearinger 519-504-3934
Southwest Ontario Moorefield Mark Koster Koster Crop Care 519-404-4963
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Milverton Harold Kuepfer Kuepfer Custom Farming 519-501-0773
Southwest Ontario Moorefield Anthony Martin Palmdale Agri Inc 519-505-7164
Area surrounding home location Brownsville Bert Roos Roos Seven Hills Custom Work LTD 519-688-8188
Eastern Ontario Dunvegan Rolf Uhlmann Widmann Custom Work Inc 613-330-0876
Area surrounding home location Aylmer Alex Antonissen Antonissen Trucking Inc. 226-236-1198
York, Durham and Headwaters Oshawa Danielle Gatenby GFL Environmental 905-351-0935
Area surrounding home location Kerwood Ryan Timmermans Timmermans Irrigation Ltd. 519-661-7674
Niagara Vineland Austin Whincop Newport Landscaping 905-327-8757
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Monkton William Ten Hove Ten Hove's Custom Farming 519-291-0067
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Kirkton Brendan Shute Baseline Agri Services Inc 519-719-7711
Area surrounding home location Ingersoll Peter Dimmers Dimmers Farms Inc 519-521-5244
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Midhurst Eric Wright Wrico Agri 705-896-6075
Niagara Dunnville Jason Tilstra Pro-Lane Farming Inc. 905-818-9823
Area surrounding home location Spencerville Clark Somerville Ventnor Excavating and Custom Work Ltd 613-802-0478
Niagara Hamilton Gregg Wilson 905-385-6021
Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information

Reviewed 09/19/2023


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