Find the resources you need for your Nutrient Management planning.

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Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan Development Resources

Need help developing Nutrient Management Strategy and Plans?  Take advantage of our resources.

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NASM Plan Development Resources

Need assistance developing Non Agricultural Source Material Plans?  Our resources can help.

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Resources for Certification and Licensing

Information on applying for certificates and licenses, what’s expected of a certificate and license holder, and the latest versions of the Regulations and Protocols.

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Source Water Protection Resources

Become informed and stay up-to-date on source water protection for nutrient management.

Nutrient Management Approval Statistics

August 20, 2018

Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS)

# waiting for review 23
# received last week 10
# approved last week 19
# of reviews started last week 18
Next ID to be reviewed 18896
Earliest received date in the queue Aug. 3, 2018

Non-Agricultural Source Material Plans (NASM Plans)

# waiting for review 7
# received last week 9
# approved last week 21
# of reviews started last week 5
Next ID to be reviewed 23581 then 23613
Earliest received date in the queue July 16, 2018 then Aug. 9, 2018

Reviewed 06/07/2018


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