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AOSPD Certificate

Agricultural Operation Strategy or Plan Development (AOSPD) Certificate

An Agricultural Operation Strategy or Plan Development (AOSPD) Certificate is required if you are preparing a Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) or Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) for an agricultural operation that you don't own, operate or work for. Your certificate number is required on all NMS/Ps you prepare.

Certificates are valid for 5 years from date of issue.

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Requirements for Certification:

1.  Take the Required Courses

Introduction to Nutrient Management

Regulations and Protocols

How to Prepare a Nutrient Management Strategy and Plan Using NMAN

2.  Complete Practicum (Two Assignments)

After you have taken the required courses, you must complete a practicum. For this practicum, you will use the current version of NMAN software to complete two assignments (fictitious NMS/Ps). The first NMS/Ps will be based on a fictitious scenario that will be provided with the How to Prepare a Nutrient Management Strategy and Plan using NMAN course. These scenarios are available in both English and French.

You must achieve a passing grade of 80% on two fictitious scenarios within four attempts.

3.  Pass An Exam

You are required to successfully pass the exam for the AOSPDC certificate.  A passing grade is 75% or greater.

The exam covers materials taught in the courses as well as the skills and knowledge outlined in the Agricultural Operation Strategy/Plan Development Certificate Core Competencies. The competencies are used as the basis for testing in the exam.

Exam Schedule

You must take the exam within two years of completing the Regulations and Protocols course.

You will have three opportunities to complete the exam successfully. If you fail the second time you write the exam, you must wait three months before you write again, to allow time for you to improve your knowledge of the subject matter.

4.  Apply for Certificate

After you fulfill the requirements, mail or e-mail a completed application to the address indicated on the form.  You must submit your application within one year of successful completion of the exam.  If you fail to do so, you must retake the exam.  If you are taking the exam to renew your valid certification, you must submit your application prior to the certificate expiry date.

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