Prescribed Materials Application Business (PMAB) Licence

Prescribed Materials Application Business (PMAB) Licence

You are required to have a Prescribed Materials Application Business (PMAB) Licence if you are engaged in the business of applying prescribed materials (agricultural source materials or non-agricultural source materials) to:

  • the land of an agricultural operation that requires a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) and/or
  • an application site in a NASM Plan

You do not require a PMAB licence if you are the owner, operator or employee of the operation that generates or receives the materials.

You are responsible for ensuring your business is land applying prescribed materials in accordance with the Regulation.

Anyone operating the spreading equipment in the field must hold a Nutrient Application Technician Licence.

PDF Icon PMAB Licence Information Summary Sheet

Licences are valid for 5 years from date of issue.

Authorized Agents

Every business or corporation which conducts application activities must designate at least one PMAB licence holder to be its Authorized Agent.

If you agree to act as the Authorized Agent for your company, you must have ongoing and regular involvement in the operational aspects of the company's prescribed materials application business operation. 

More information on Authorized Agents

Requirements for Licence:

1.  Take the Required Courses

Prescribed Materials Application Business Licence Course

If you also require a Broker Certificate, you can attend this course:

Prescribed Materials Application Business Licence and Broker Certificate Course

2.  Pass an Exam

You are required to successfully complete the PMAB licence exam.  A passing grade is 75% or greater.

This exam covers materials taught in the course as well as the skills and knowledge outlined in the Prescribed Materials Application Business Licence Core Competencies

Exam Schedule

You will have three opportunities to complete the exam successfully. If you fail the second time you write the exam, you must wait three months before you write again, to allow time for you to improve your knowledge of the subject matter.

*Note: the PMAB licence exam is offered at the end of the in-person PMAB licence course.

*Note: passing the PMAB licence exam allows you to also apply for the Nutrient Application Technician Licence.

*Note: attending the 2 day PMAB licence and Broker certificate course – you have the option of writing the Broker PMAB combined exam.  If you wish to write the Broker PMAB combined exam, please indicate when you register for the exam.

3.  Apply for Licence

After you fulfill the requirements, submit a completed application to the address indicated on the form. You must submit your application within one year of successful completion of the exam.  If you fail to do so, you must retake the exam.  If you are taking the exam to renew your valid licence, you must submit your application prior to the licence expiry date.  

PDF Icon Application for Prescribed Materials Application Business Licence

PDF Icon Application for Nutrient Application Technician Licence

If you have successfully passed the Broker PMAB combined exam you may also apply for a Broker Certificate.

PDF Icon Application for Broker Certificate

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