Farm Owners and Operators

Resources for farm owners and operators that have a Nutrient Management Strategy and Plan.

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Get important updates about the Nutrient Management Program, including reminders about your Annual Review and Update requirements.

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Annual Review and Update

Resources to complete your required annual review and update of your Nutrient Management Strategy.

Need help with your Nutrient Management Strategy and other Nutrient Management activities?


Find a Certified Person in your Area

Find a certified consultant in your area to help with your Strategy and Plan development.

Find a certified Broker to haul your manure.

Find a certified PMAB holder for nutrient application needs.


OMAFRA Factsheets

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Nutrient Management Act, 2002: Recordkeeping

Temporary Field Storage of Solid Manure or Other Agricultural Source Material



AgriSuite is a free software program that is used to prepare a Nutrient Management Strategy and Nutrient Management Plan. Please consider the How to Prepare a Nutrient Management Strategy and Plan Using NMAN course to better understand the software and all its functionality.

Attention Mac users: You might have issues accessing AgriSuite online. The latest internet browser, Safari 12, does not support Silverlight on which AgriSuite is built. Learn more.

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Videos are part of the How to Prepare a NMS/P Using NMAN course.

Create a New File

Add a Farm Unit

Add Material Storage System

Add Storage


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Videos are part of the How to Prepare a NMS/P Using NMAN course.

Field Properties

Field Inputs

Addressing BMP Flags



AgMaps is a free GIS tool that can be used to collect information on a property and create a farmstead sketch or field sketch.

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Find Location

Map Layers

Measuring Tools

Simple Markup and Printing

Computer Generated Markup for Farmstead/Field Sketch

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