Annual Review and Update

Annual Review and Update

Icon for February 15The review and update must be completed every year before February 15.

As the owner or operator of the farm, you are required to complete an annual review and update of all Nutrient Management Strategies, Plans or NASM plans for the operation.

You are required to complete a written statement that shows you have:

  • completed the review
  • identified if an update was required
  • updated the document (if it was required based on the review)

The completed review (and update if required) should be kept with your Nutrient Management documentation on the farm.


Excel file icon Review and Update Template

Note: You are not required to use this template. Use this template as a reference to make sure you are thoroughly reviewing your operation.


See how to use the template and extra information about doing your update.

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Do you need to submit a new Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS)?

You will need to submit a new NMS for approval if:

  • a building permit is required to construct a building for livestock and/or manure storage
  • you construct a permanent earthen floor storage (earthen lagoon)
  • the operation receives off-farm material for an anaerobic digester
  • the operation changes ownership or control 


Need help with your review and update?

If there have been significant changes to your operation, you might want to ask for help.

Contact the person who prepared your original Nutrient Management Strategy or call 1-877-424-1300 to find an OMAFRA Environmental Specialist or Engineer in your area.


Nutrient Management Tables

Tables from the Regulation used to give an indication of available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from various livestock types.


PDF icon Setbacks Job Aid

Regulatory setbacks for different types of wells and surface water.



    Handling Runoff from Solid Agricultural Source Material Storages and Outside Livestock Areas


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