Nutrient Management Consultants

The following consultants have received an Agricultural Operation Strategy/Plan Development Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and are certified to prepare Nutrient Management Strategies and Nutrient Management Plans for submission to the Approvals Unit of the Environmental Management Branch.

Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information
Eastern Ontario Winchester Hugh Metcalfe Naturaide 613-794-0190
Southwest Ontario St. Thomas Albert Pennings Crop Quest Inc 519-631-8690
All of Ontario Thornton Daniel Kloosterman
All of Ontario Monkton Shannon Little 519-357-8160
All of Ontario Mitchell Thomas Skinner Crop Quest Inc 519-301-9323
Kawarthas Northumberland Warkworth Robert Glover 705-924-2620
All of Ontario Gadshill Amy VanStraaten Crop Quest Inc 519-274-0232
Area surrounding home location Goderich Aric Bos Bos Agronomy Ltd 519-440-9524
Niagara Beamsville Leah Koetsier 289-969-5324
Ottawa and Countryside Ottawa Erik Apedaile Apedaile Environmental Inc. 613-260-2411
Southwest Ontario Tara Amy Harrison 519-934-2675
All of Ontario Melancthon Adrian Simpson 705-720-0045
Area surrounding home location Formosa Leslie Nichols Crop Watch Crop Consulting 519-367-2785
Northeastern Ontario Sudbury Michael Payne Black Lake Environmental 613-285-9460
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington VARNA Gregory Boon Agri-Solve 519-274-1415
All of Ontario Strathroy Tiny Van Pinxteren DBMC Inc 519-245-0135
Southwest Ontario Listowel Jeffrey Bannerman Crop Quest Inc 519-292-0496
Southwest Ontario Fergus Melissa McKeown 519-831-2224
All of Ontario ARTHUR Gary Van Ankum Clean Field Services INC 519-820-3799
Southwest Ontario Watford Kendra Vanden Ouweland 519-902-5496
Area surrounding home location Holland Centre Elizabeth Crowther Sprucedale Agromart 519-375-5463
Southwest Ontario Varna Annemarie Van Wely
Eastern Ontario Prescott Bryan Cook Cropland Consulting Inc. 613-340-4607
All of Ontario Haileybury Marie Manchester Story Environmental Inc 705-672-3324
All of Ontario Brussels Douglas Koch Brussels Agromart Ltd 519-887-6273
All of Ontario St George Brant Matt Robillard 905-297-5328
All of Ontario Burford Cindy (Hamilton) Moore Crop Quest Inc 519-505-7891
Southwest Ontario Chatham Erica Wilhelmina Van Stryland KEVS Nutrient Planners 226-222-4293
Southwest Ontario Lucan Stephen Redmond 519-673-8929
Eastern Ontario Alfred Georges Erick Tsagué 613-677-8399
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Bornholm Laura Neubrand 519-301-1413
Southwest Ontario Blenheim Rick Faber 519-676-2493
All of Ontario Mitchell Rosa Vander Kuylen Crop Quest Inc 519-301-0593
Eastern Ontario Ottawa Andrea Sare Jp2g Consultants Inc 613-828-7800
Southwest Ontario Woodstock Jasper Van der bas Basbarn Farms Inc 519-462-2866
Southwest Ontario Alvinston Susan Kucera 519-847-5059
All of Ontario Strathroy Mary-Anne Rombouts 519-933-1280
Area surrounding home location Woodstock Jane Zilke 519-462-1443
Southwest Ontario Straffordville Tristan Coelho Elite Agri Solutions Inc. 306-514-7745
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Gads Hill Jessica Orr Hoegys Farm Supply Ltd 519-301-1885
Area surrounding home location Owen Sound Jeffrey Coulter Sprucedale Agromart 519-934-2340
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Walkerton Chris Freiburger Chimed Farms 519-889-0042
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Alliston Marc McKeown McKeown Agricultural Services 519-938-6995
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Kenilworth Andrew Lennox Andrew Lennox Farm 519-831-9612
All of Ontario Brucefield Mervyn Erb Agri-Solve 519-233-7100
All of Ontario Mount Forest Cleon Martin 519-591-5342
Southwest Ontario PARKHILL Arthur van Gameren DBMC Inc 519-232-4606
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Bayfield C. Keith McMillan Crop Quest Inc 519-860-5102
Southwest Ontario Mooretown Chad Anderson 519-331-0526
Northwest Ontario Marmora Jim McComb 613-395-4840
Eastern Ontario Newington Alan Kruszel 613-346-1455
All of Ontario Waterloo Ryan Bayne GHD 519-340-4260
All of Ontario Waterford Robert Alton Trillium Agronomics Inc 519-755-6722
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Guelph Margaret Ribey Soil Resource Group 519-341-2176
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Desboro Brandon Dietrich 226-668-1696
Area surrounding home location Guelph Don King Soil Resource Group 519-820-3500
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Atwood Tina Beirnes Tina Beirnes Ag Consulting 519-807-3537
Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information

Reviewed 04/17/2018


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This Project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs