Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection Resources

Use the information and tools here for help on including Source Water Protection (SWP) programs into your strategies and plans.

Find out if source water protection policies apply to your farm and if extra measures are needed to protect drinking water.


PDF Icon Source Water Protection Information Package

PDF Icon SWP for your NMS template

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Mapping Tools

AgMaps has provincial SWP mappling layers.

Ministry of Environment has a SWP mapping site.

Check your local conservation authority or source protection area website for mapping tools.

Threat Level

MOECC has developed Source Water Protection Threats; an online tool to search what activities would be a low, moderate, or significant threat.

Extra Measures

Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition (OFEC) Framework and Template contains measures to help protect drinking water.

MOECC and Toronto Region Conservation Authority's Risk Management Measures Catalogue can be searched to find measures to manage threats.

Your local Risk Management Officer is the main contact for the Source Protection Plan (SPP) and should be contacted to provide potential input.

Related Links

Source Protection in Ontario (MOECC)

Source Protection Plans on the Farm: FactSheet

Source Protection Plans (SPP) across the province. Use the SPP to determine which policies apply and if there are requirements for an NMS, NMP or NASM plan.



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