PMAB Licencees

The following individuals have received a Prescribed Materials Business Licence from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. This PMAB Licence is required by persons applying prescribed materials to the land of a farm unit described by section 107 (1.1) of O. Reg. 267/03.

Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information
All of Ontario Wallenstein Clare Horst 519-580-6988
All of Ontario ANCASTER Michael Jones Stonewater Farms Inc 905-928-5030
Area surrounding home location Grand Valley Paul Van Eerde H.T. Dale Services 519-820-9810
Area surrounding home location Spencerville Clark Somerville Ventnor Excavating and Custom Work Ltd 613-802-0478
Area surrounding home location Palmerston Jason Bauman E Bauman & Sons Custom Farming 519-343-5416
Area surrounding home location Binbrook Rodger Donaldson 905-692-0208
Area surrounding home location Mountain Christiaan Klein Boonschate 613-774-0909
Area surrounding home location St. Isidore Sonia Buhlmann-Kuratli Sonibrand Farm Inc 613-764-2260
Area surrounding home location Williamstown Robert Smith 613-551-2269
Area surrounding home location Lakeside Chris Barnett Chris Custom Manure Spreading 519-475-4319
Hamilton, Halton and Brant Brantford Nicole Di Filippo Wessuc Inc 519-750-2051,
Area surrounding home location Courtice Caroline Taylor Terratec Environmental 905-242-2849
Area surrounding home location Milverton Jason Jantzi JAMA Custom Farming 519-595-7602
Hamilton, Halton and Brant Harley Randy Wallet Wallet Custom Work 519-424-9418
Area surrounding home location Listowel Sonya Arent Hasta Farms Listowel Limited 519-291-4843
Area surrounding home location Kent Bridge Paul Johnston Thompsons Limited -Head Office 519-676-5411
Area surrounding home location Burgessville Scott Buckrell Sunnydene Farms Limited 519-424-2877
Southwest Ontario Brownsville Michael Ryksen Bio-Ag Services Inc. 519-521-4618
All of Ontario Teeswater Tanis Ireland 519-540-8904
All of Ontario Teeswater Darren Ireland 519-392-8678
Area surrounding home location Mitchell Laura Feltz Feltz Farms Ltd 519-348-0588
Southwest Ontario Courtland George Klassen Bio-Ag Services Inc. 519-808-2490
Area surrounding home location OTTERVILLE Mark Oliver 519-709-8137
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Elora Todd Fraser 519-820-0502
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Arthur Aaron Hicks 519-820-3904
Area surrounding home location Apple Hill Paul Frei 613-527-1007
Hamilton, Halton and Brant Mountain Tyler Hoy 613-407-2009
Area surrounding home location Dunnville Jason Tilstra 905-818-9823
All of Ontario Oshawa Danielle Gatenby Terratec Environmental 905-351-0935
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Kincardine Mike Rutledge Mr. Spread 519-441-0309
Southwest Ontario Tillsonburg Michael Dew Bio-Ag Services Inc. 519-615-0080
All of Ontario Metcalfe Wilfried Raats Raats Custom Farming Ltd 613-821-2264
All of Ontario Fenwick Greg Marotta Thomas Nutrient Solutions 905-531-9964
Niagara Welland Shane Swanson 905-321-0394
All of Ontario St. Mary's Brett Shute Baseline Agri Services Inc 519-852-6072
Southwest Ontario Watford Peter Braet 519-849-5914
Area surrounding home location Hamilton Jeffrey Linger 905-971-3346
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington St. Mary's Abraham Friesen Sunrise Ag Services Ltd 519-274-5139
South Eastern Ontario Douglas Charlene Whattam 613-281-1015
Northeastern Ontario Renfrew Christopher Armstrong Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply 613-281-2128
Area surrounding home location Durham Shawn Moyer Municipality of Grey Highlands 519-369-5778
Southwest Ontario Bright Elizabeth-Anne (Libby) Peters Riverbend Partners 519-684-7090
Southwest Ontario Bright Franklin Peters AIM Environmental Group 519-684-7090
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Listowel Joost van der Heiden 519-291-2507
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington MOOREFIELD Javan Martin 519-588-4908
Southwest Ontario Lucan Ralph Van Der Wal Van Agri Ltd -1273919 Ontario INC 519-293-3728
Southwest Ontario Thamesford Calvin Brekelmans Netherend Acres Inc 519-285-5114
South Eastern Ontario St-Telesphore Jason Mackey 1928767 Ontario Inc 450-269-2403
Southwest Ontario Thamesford Francis Brekelmans Netherend Acres Inc 519-476-0197
All of Ontario Thomasburg Jeffrey Newman Terratec Environmental 905-849-8522
Southwest Ontario Rockwood Mark Janiec Terratec Environmental 905-544-0444
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Mitchell Steven Gloor Ontario Greenways INC 519-301-4064
Area surrounding home location Coboconk Doug Elliot Shepherd Environmental Services 705-879-1518
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Elmira Jeffery Martin 519-580-0674
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Kenilworth Harvey Martin Saugeen Environmental Services Ltd 519-848-5646
Northeastern Ontario Stirling Luke Skinkle B.A.C. Group Inc 613-921-3666
South Eastern Ontario Newburgh Blake Evans Smith's Septic Tank Services Ltd 613-536-8056
Ottawa and Countryside Brinston Matt Radley Third High Farms 613-229-9026
South Eastern Ontario Dunvegan Garth Franklin G.T. Custom Work Ltd. 613-360-1125
Southwest Ontario Springfield Constance Camilleri M.P. Agri-Products 519-765-4535
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Wallenstein Maynard Brubacher Glenview Agri Services 226-749-4436
Southwest Ontario Lucan Wayne Hodgins Hodgins Custom Services Ltd 519-227-4254
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Moorefield ON Trevor Poot Poot Custom Farming INC 519-343-2982
All of Ontario CAMLACHIE James Saul Saul,Stewart Enterprises Limited O/A Central Sanitation 519-331-4573
South Eastern Ontario St. Eugene Jacob Renaud 613-223-3133
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Gowanstown Greg Schinbein S&S Trucking Liquid Disposal Ltd. 519-291-2134
Hamilton, Halton and Brant Ancaster Hank VanVeen Wessuc Inc 905-304-9601
Niagara Dunnville Henry Van Iperen Bartels Environmental Services Inc 905-818-7772
All of Ontario New Lowell Clarence McGillivary Region of Huronia Environmental Services (2013) Ltd 705-794-1408
Niagara Caledonia Richard Veld Terratec Environmental 905-961-2859
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Seaforth Adrian Guntensperger Guntensperger Farm Services 519-955-5373
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Varna Taylor Van Aaken Taylor Van Aaken Farms 519-525-0323
South Eastern Ontario Ste-Anne-de-Prescott Rodney Fraser Anne Vista Farms 613-674-1331
All of Ontario Kingston Scott Moise Smith's Septic Tank Services Ltd 613-561-2002
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Erin Stephen Bucking Woodrill Ltd 519-855-4896
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Alma Ron Bults Pit King Ltd 519-638-2319
Southwest Ontario Blenheim Paul Vercouteren Vercouteren Farms Ltd. 519-676-7138
Northeastern Ontario Verner Joel Olivier Ferme Longvallon Inc. 705-471-0741
Northeastern Ontario Verner Dan Olivier Ferme Longvallon Inc. 705-494-6600
Southwest Ontario Fingal Albert Kemmerling Barbara Farms 519-769-0143
South Eastern Ontario Embrun Andrew Perrault Supreme Seeds INC 613-764-7337
Niagara Fonthill Patrick Summers Patrick Summers (family farm) 905-892-8905
Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe Port Elgin Todd Nason Double TT Manure Management Services 519-389-5418
Area surrounding home location St. Albert Miguel Cayer 613-805-2412
Area surrounding home location Athelstan Robert Vandette 450-374-4732
South Eastern Ontario Lansdowne Anthony O'Reilly C&H O'Reilly Ltd. 613-659-2750
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Gadshill Timothy Gerber Hidden Creek Haulage 519-273-0909
All of Ontario Kerwood Franklin Boere Boere Custom Services Ltd. 519-247-3014
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington St. Marys Brendan Shute Baseline Agri Services Inc 519-719-7711
Southwest Ontario Port Elgin Scott Boldt Organix Matters Inc. 519-389-3571
Southwest Ontario Grande Pointe Arlene Lozon Dover Sanitation Inc. 519-351-1541
Southwest Ontario Kerwood Brian Salomons Middlesex Farms Systems Ltd 519-247-3862
South Eastern Ontario Stirling Joshua Skinkle Skinkle Custom Manure Spreading INC 613-395-5936
Eastern Ontario St. Albert Mario Lamoureux Lamoureux Pumping Ltd 613-223-6349
All of Ontario Gadshill Daniel Groenestege Groenstage Dairy Farms Ltd 519-276-7924
Southwest Ontario Lucan Twan Peters Peters Custom Service 519-639-6703
Area surrounding home location Hagersville Marinus (Mark) Vaarkamp Vaarkamp Custom Manure Inc. 905-981-2758
Area surrounding home location Welland Meng-Chee Mak-Karbach Food 4 Life Market Garden Ltd 647-998-9887
All of Ontario Tavistock Larry Bearinger Pumped Environmental Services 519-502-2727
Area surrounding home location Proton Station Wayne Metzger Highland Custom Farming Inc
Southwest Ontario Atwood Adrianus Wagemans A.J. Wagemans Farms Inc. 519-356-9170
Area surrounding home location Oshawa Jeremy Slute Slute View Farms 905-260-0205
Area surrounding home location Drayton Brent Martin Mar-Ridge Agri Ltd. 519-498-9861
Eastern Ontario Moose Creek Michelle DeRepentigny Green Field Environmental Services Inc 613-577-5017
Eastern Ontario Alexandria Joe Van Loon Green Field Environmental Services Inc 613-551-9334
Area surrounding home location Hamilton Shawn McBurney Terratec Environmental 905-979-8551
Area surrounding home location Green Valley Craig Rombough C.R. Farms Services Inc. 613-525-1770
All of Ontario Wallenstein Raymond Brubacher Cross Country Agriculture Inc. 519-880-5013
Eastern Ontario Manotick Rodney Post Post Pumping 613-857-4484
Area surrounding home location Kerwood Ryan Timmermans Timmermans Irrigation Ltd. 519-247-3354
Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Wallenstein Jeffrey McKay Jeff McKay Custom Farming 519-698-0206
Regions Covered Home Location Name Company Name Contact Information

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