Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan Development

Nutrient Management Strategies (NMS) and Plans (NMP) that are required by O.Reg 267/03 must be prepared by a certified person. Please refer to the Certification and Licensing resources for more information.

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Tools for developing a complete NMS/P

Use these tools to ensure all required information is included in a clear concise manner. Includes video tutorials on how to use AgriSuite and AgMaps

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Need a form to include with your NMS/P? Or send in after your submission?

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BN9 Business Number Collection

Information about the BN9 Business Number and how to include with your NMS and NASM Plan.

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Streamlined Review Process

Resources and documents for submitting a NMS through the Streamlined Review Process

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Recognized Consultant Program

Interested in becoming a Recognized Consultant? Get resources and documents for applying to the Program

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Information on what is an amendment and resources for submitting NMS amendments

Nutrient Loading

Information on phosphorus fertility planning for fields and what to do when nutrient loading is a concern.

Housing Capacity

Barn capacity considerations to make when preparing a Nutrient Management Strategy and when you need to provide more information.

 Setbacks for Wells and Surface Water Job Aid

Use this chart to check for minimum setbacks for nutrient application from wells and surface water.

Environmental Specialists’ Territory Map

MECP Ag. Environmental Officers Territory Map

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