Recognized Consultant Program

Recognized Consultant Program

The Recognized Consultant Program (RCP) is a voluntary program that is open to all certified consultants who can meet and maintain the established criteria. 

The purpose of the RCP is to improve efficiency and reduce approval times for all submissions, while maintaining the integrity of the Nutrient Management Strategy Review and Approval process. The program allows OMAFRA to focus on the parts of the NMS that are more complex and/or at risk of error or non-compliance.

The program will leverage these practices:

  • standardized submissions
    • use of templates
  • error-free submissions
    • use of checklists
    • practice of checking and double-checking submissions

Certified Consultants interested in the program should carefully review the RCP Manual and follow the application process.


PDF Icon RCP Manual

PDF Icon RCP Application and Code of Conduct

PDF Icon RCP NMS Submission Checklist

Doc icon Overview of the Operation Template

PDF Icon NMS Farmstead Sketch Checklist

PDF Icon Complexity Assessment Form (Interactive)

Reviewed 09/22/2023


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This Project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs