Amendments to approved NMS are achieved by adding conditions to the approval that describes the changes.

An amendment must be submitted before applying for building permits on proposed projects.

If the changes proposed in the amendment will trigger an additional building permit, a new NMS is required to be prepared and approved. If the proposed changes are significantly different and will have a considerable impact on the management of the nutrients on the farm unit compared to what was originally approved, a new submission may need to be submitted and approved.

The Request for Amendment form must be completed and submitted with each amended Strategy. Send Strategy and Request for Amendment to the Approvals Unit:


Nutrient Management Approvals
1 Stone Road West, 3rd Floor SE
Guelph, ON N1G 4Y2


Send a single PDF document to:

 Request for Amendment

Reviewed 06/13/2024


Business Development Centre
University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus
120 Main St. E
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