Streamlined Review Process

Streamlined Review Process

The Streamlined Approval Process simplifies the approval procedure for NMS that meet a set criteria. The set criteria applies to NMS that are prepared for relatively small and straightforward operations using a standardized format. The following tools must be used to submit a streamlined NMS.

icon for pdf document Streamlined Approval Process

Review the criteria to see if your NMS can be considered for the streamlined approval process.

icon for pdf document Streamlined Submission Checklist

You must use this checklist if you want your NMS to be considered for the streamlined approval process.

icon for microsoft document Overview of the Operation Template

Use this template to ensure you provide all the required information in the Overview of the Operation in a clear concise manner.

icon for pdf document Farmstead Sketch Checklist

Use this tool as a check to ensure all the required information is included on your farmstead sketch.

Reviewed 09/22/2023


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